From the spark of an idea befitting a tribute to a man who touched many souls, a small group of friends and family developed and created Mallyfest. The response was overwhelming , and made a day that exceeded all expectations.

Bands from far and local gave of their artistry, individuals and businesses gave of their resources and money , and over 800 people came to witness, resulting in a spirit of community past and present, and a re-uniting of souls old and new creating a wonderful warm a friendly vibe.

The sun shone bright and illuminated the beauty of the Black mountains and the venue  Baskerville hall.

Those who knew Mally best were left in no doubt that this truly was a tribute fitting the man as well as raising £8184.48 for the Pen yr Heol Chapel Stable Fund, the place of his rest and of a future new community resource.

THANK YOU one and all.

As it turned out this was not the end and so Mallyfest lives on………………..



The Bikini Beach Band   

The Cesarians    

Jake Shillingford   

Joe Gooch   

We Used to Make Things   

Christian Pattemore   

Towers Fall   

Stefano Giaccone   

Hershels Barn   

Lonesome Stampede   

John Wayne Army   


Kung-Fu Vicar   

Catherine Kramer   

Too Loud For The Legion   

Greed The Rock Opera   

Lizzy Hennessy & Max Plastic   

Zip Zip Undo Me   


DJ’s   NeillyB   

Mrs Davies   

Desmondo Lopez   

Sixteen Tambourines   

Druid on the Decks   

Big Bad Al   

Lucky Man


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